Wastewater Sampling


Field services are based on time and material. Please call for a fair and competitive Quotation. Separated below is a list of our services.

Wastewater Sampling:

  • WWTS Effluents
  • WWTS Influents
  • WWTS Internal Process
  • Manhole Wastewaters

Well Sampling

  • For ground water monitoring

Specific Site Sampling

  • Per client’s specific needs

Sampling Equipment

  • Automatic Composite Samplers
  • Automatic Sequential Samplers
  • Flow Monitoring

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

We provide monitoring and repair services for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems. We provide routine (monthly, quarterly, as needed) services that can include:

  • PH/ORP Calibrations
  • Treatment System Audits
  • Troubleshooting Investigations
  • Operator Training
  • Management Training

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