Our laboratory has been providing reliable analytical services for multiple decades, having first incorporated as Water Management in 1973.  In 1992 we separately incorporated the laboratory as Water & Wastewater Laboratories, Inc.

Through the years we have provided analytical services for many clients including: municipal agencies, NPDES permit holders, metal finishing industries, engineering firms, chemical suppliers, and consulting firms.  From working with our clients we have gained a strong background in various facets of the environmental industry.  We are able to help our clients understand the analytical results and to decipher problem areas in their wastewater treatment systems.  For certain clients’ needs we have developed specialized test procedures and analytical modifications for their unique problems.

We operate a full service laboratory capable of analyzing a wide range of parameters.  Our staff has full instrumentational capabilities to provide quality analytical data.  We follow methods set forth in SW846, EPA Methods for Water & Wastewater, Standard Methods for the Examination of Water & Wastewater, and ASTM analytical methods.  We also incorporate those methods provided by our clients, or designed for our clients for specific in-process utilization and quality control.

We provide field service for the many different needs of our clients.  Sampling services include automatic composite and automatic sequential sampling.  We can provide a range of field services for our clients who may need surface water analyzed for bacteria or a municipality needing automatic sampling for a citywide survey.

We are a full service environmental company that works closely with our clients and their individual requirements.



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